General Pest Control FAQs

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Pest control can seem like a daunting task, so there are going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered. Luckily, the exterminators at Termio Pest Control have created a list of frequently asked questions by our customers that reside in Arizona and Texas to save you quality time: 


What Pests Do You Service?

Termio offers services for over 20 different types of pests, but the main ones include ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites, rodents, scorpions, rodents, and beetles. 


How Much Does Our Pest Control Cost?

Depending on your package size, pest control from Termio can vary from $49 to $89. Our Essentials package includes pest control on general pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, and more. Our preferred package includes general pests plus coverage on termite infestations. Our complete package includes coverage on general pests, termite infestations, AND installing bait stations for 24/7 termite protection.

Are Termio’s Products Safe?

Here at Termio, we are a family-friendly company that offers eco-friendly products that are not only safe for you and your family, but the environment as well!

Can You Save Money When Working With Termio?

We offer many special offers that include a free quote, $40 off your initial service, and $60 off your yearly plan when you bundle your Termite Warranty & Pest Control Package.

Why Do I Need A Termite Warranty?

With termites being active year-round, our termite warranty is a complete guarantee that we will take care of any termite infestation in your home and if they happen to return, we’ll continue to treat them until they are gone. 100% or your money back!

What Areas Does Termio Service?

Termio services both Arizona and Texas and has a large service area which includes cities like Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Chandler, and more!

What Happens If Our Pest Control Doesn’t Work

Our exterminators at Termio are so confident in our services that if you are not satisfied and continue to see pests, we offer a complete money back guarantee.

How Soon Should You Expect Results In Your Home?

Our general rule of thumb is depending on the pest, you should start seeing results almost immediately. Around 1-2 days is when pests will begin to disappear.

Why Should You Choose Termio?

When choosing a pest control company, you’re looking for a team that you trust and are comfortable with entering your home, and eliminating the problem. Termio is family-owned and operated, so we know the importance of taking care of an infestation. We create personal relationships and ensure your home is in better shape than when we found it. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied, and that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee and use eco-friendly products to keep your entire family safe.

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