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Our Pest Control Services

Are you looking for quality pest control in Phoenix and the surrounding areas? Termio Pest Control is a locally-owned business committed to protecting homeowners like you from ants, termites, scorpions and more. Click the links below for full details on our services and comprehensive pest control packages, or give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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Pest Control

Pests are dirty and dangerous -- rely on the experts at Termio Pest Control for effective and friendly service!Learn more
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Termite Control

Termite damage is no joke. Don't leave your home unprotected - contact the experts at Termio Pest Control today!Learn more
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Termite Warranty

Termites can be active all year, leaving you constantly worried about a possible termite infestation. With the help of Termio Pest Control, your home in Arizona or Texas can have the protection it needs if you ever fall victim to termites.Learn more
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Rodent Control

Rodent populations, if left unchecked, can explode rapidly—so it’s important to get a professional exterminator in quickly.Learn more