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Don’t Allow Scorpions To Threaten Your Home

We are quite familiar with the threat of scorpions and their aggressive behavior. Which is why when you find them in your home, you want immediate relief. Let Termio help you keep your family and pets safe by getting rid of scorpions in your home.

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Scorpion Control in Arizona & Texas

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Scorpions have pinchers and a long tail with a stinger at the top making them an intimidating pest to look at. They are also quickly become aggressive and lash out when they feel threatened by your family or pets. This can make controlling and eliminating a scorpion infestation very difficult. Often during the day, they will hide out in any dark, tight space they can find, which outdoors can sometimes be difficult. If scorpions have made their way into your home, it means they have found a reliable source of water and shelter. Don't let scorpions have your family living in fear, call Termio Pest Control at 602-900-0807 for our professional scorpion control!

Solutions That Provide Effective Results

Experiencing a scorpion infestation is a nightmare and requires attention from only the best, like our scorpion control experts. We utilize the Integrated Pest Management approach that helps us understand scorpions and the ways they interact with the environment to provide you the best scorpion control.

Treat Your Home from the Outside In

Additionally, we have determined that one of the best ways to handle scorpions is by treating your home from the outside in. Just because scorpions are spotted inside does not mean that is necessarily where the problem lies. This approach is not only effective, but it is also environmentally sensitive to keep you and your loved ones safe. We will only treat the inside of your home when absolutely necessary and the products we use are ones we feel comfortable using in our own homes.

Get Long-Lasting Protection with our Service

After your home has been cleared of any scorpions, it is important to keep your home properly protected to ensure they do not return. Our preventative care programs combine periodic inspections and applications to keep your mind at ease knowing they have not returned. All you have to do is give us a call us today! 

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in servicing our friends and neighbors. We make it a priority to provide only the highest quality services If you are ever left dissatisfied, give us a call at 602-900-0807 so we can make it right - at no charge to you. That’s our satisfaction guarantee to you!

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Don't Let Scorpions Invade Your Home!

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