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Protect Your Home from Future Damages

Termites can be active all year, leaving you constantly worried about a possible termite infestation. With the help of Termio Pest Control, your home in Arizona or Texas can have the protection it needs if you ever fall victim to termites.

Our Termite Warranty in Arizona and Texas


Termites have expensive taste but lucky for you, our Termio Warranty doesn’t! With our affordable warranty protection plans, you’ll have comfort knowing our termite exterminators in Arizona and Texas have got you covered. When termites show up at your home, so will we! With a free termite treatment backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry, Termio Pest Control is confident in providing the protection you deserve. Don’t wait for termites to take control of your home, invest in one of our Termio termite warranty plans today to save your home from structural damages! Curious about how our termite warranties work? Check out this video:

Warranty Plans Guaranteed to Provide Protection

Here at Termio Pest Control, we offer termite warranty in Arizona and Texas for homes that have not yet been infested by termites. With our Arizona and Texas termite warranties, you are provided with inspections and a termite treatment service for termites if your home gets infested. The warranties can be renewed, our Arizona technicians will make sure to contact you prior to the expiration date with renewal options. Here are the termite warranties in Texas and Arizona that we offer:

  • Termio: Our Termio Warranty Plan offers an annual inspection service & report, termite coverage guarantee (for treatments, no termite damage is covered), no deductible, warranty transferable to next owner, 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back. This warranty is issued once the structure is deemed termite-free.

Long-Term Protection for Our Neighbors

Our most popular Termio warranty plan in Arizona and Texas lasts an entire year. All of our termite warranties in Arizona and Texas are available for renewal if you are seeking re-occurring inspections and long-term peace of mind. If you’re ready for a solution for your termite worries, contact our Arizona and Texas termite warranty experts and we will get you started with a warranty plan today!

We offer termite warranty in the following areas:



Trust Your Local Termite Experts

Being a locally-owned and operated business, we put great value in providing the best quality customer service for our neighbors. You can trust that our knowledgeable and highly-trained exterminators in Arizona and Texas will help protect your family and home from any termite threat that comes your way. Relieve your worries today and call us at 602-900-0807 for more information on our termite warranty in Arizona and Texas.

Looking to Renew or Transfer Your Termite Warranty?

Termio Pest Control allows the option to renew termite warranties so you can keep the coverage and be protected from termites for the long haul. Are you moving? We'll also give you the option to transfer termite warranties in your name. Ask us for more information!

Invest in Protection Against Termites Today!

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