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Termite Treatment in Arizona

If you notice one or more of these signs, chances are good that you need professional help from a trained termite exterminator. At Termio Pest Control, we offer termite control in Arizona for as low as $55/ month and right now. When you contact us by phone, you can receive a free termite control quote. Don’t let termites snack on your home for another minute. Call Arizona’s termite treatment experts today.  

Signs of Termite Activity and Damage in Your Home

The world is full of pests which run the gamut from annoying to dangerous, but there’s only one pest that turns your home into a meal. Catching termites early, before damage has accumulated is critical and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. As with everything, knowledge is power, so here are five signs of termite activity and damage in your home. 

Hollow and Damaged Wood

Termites eat wood from the inside out, leaving it hollow and damaging its structural integrity. If wood structures in your home sound hollow or have visible damage, it may be a sign of termite activity. Termite damaged wood can also have a honeycomb appearance so be on the lookout for that as well. 

Warped Doors and Blistered Floors

Termite damage is easily confused for water damage. Often, in the event of water damage in the home, freestanding wooden structures like doors and window frames can warp and wood floors can take on a blistered appearance and buckle in places. This is not caused directly by termite damage but, rather, the moisture they produce when they eat. 

Discarded Wings

When flying or swarming termites find a good place to mate and eat, they’ll settle down and lose their wings soon after. If you see flying termites in your home, you’ve caught the infestation before it can take hold but discarded wings mean that termites have made themselves at home. The presence of discarded wings is a sure sign that you need help from a termite control exterminator. 

Mud Tubes and Tunnels in Wood

Subterranean termites leave pencil-sized mud tubes where your house comes into contact with the ground outside. These are paths left behind when termites emerge from their nests to feed. Dry wood termites leave distinctive tunnels in wood structures, which is one of the easiest ways for a professional termite exterminator to diagnose what sort of termite infestation that you're dealing with.

Noises Inside Walls  

Drywood termite activity can actually be heard in your home. If you put your ear to a wall and hear fair clicking or chewing sounds, it’s possible that you’re actually listening to termites eating away at your home! 

Termite Warranty for Long-Lasting Results

Our termite warranty in Arizona and Texas provides your home with the protection you need against termite infestations. If termites appear, so will we. If you suspect termites are in your home, one of our termite exterminators will conduct a thorough termite inspection and promptly treat your home. Our termite warranties are renewable if you want reoccurring treatments for long-term protection and peace of mind.